Warmade (old flash game WIP)

A couple years ago I started making small flash games for fun, mostly just for trying out ideas.

1 Game I was making was Warmada, a side scrolling shootemup, where you can exit your ship, run around, and take over hostile ships.
Sort of a combination between a shootemup, GTA and Super Mario Bros.

I started working on it a short time before I started my current job, and so I stopped working on it then.
So unfortunately it never got to a decent state.

But I like the concept, and so I wouldn’t want it to just disapear, so I decided to upload it on Kongregate some time ago.

You can play it here: http://www.kongregate.com/games/Stef1987/warmada-wip (if you want, but read along first)

or watch me play it:

Keep in mind though that it was far from finished, not even a prototype.
It’s got only 1 level, temporary graphics, and no real instructions.

So read this first:

The goal is to get to the end of the level alive, stealing and blowing up ships scores you points.

The green bar is your HP, the blue bar is the HP of the ship you’re in/on.
When the ship you’re in/on is destroyed, it explodes, but this doesn’t kill you necessarily, it just damages you a bit.
When you die (no more HP, fall into a pit), the level restarts.

-Arrow keys to move and jump, or to pilote your ship
-Z/W to enter or exit a ship (use Z for qwerty, W for azerty)
-X to shoot (when in a ship)

How to take over a ship:
-jump on it
-press Z/W
-do the displayed combo (before the ship flies out of the screen)

important tip!:
keep X pressed when exitting a ship, and it will keep shooting afterwards (same counts for the arrow keys, but that’s less usefull).
That way you can have a bunch of ships at the same time shooting at the enemy.

Alright, now go play it.

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