Procedural “Worn Edge”-effect

When texturing some sort of metallic object (a machine, weapon, robot,…),
it’s often a good idea to make the edges a bit worn off, otherwise it looks to clean, and it just makes the object more interesting.

worn-edges example (not made by me)

The way I was taught to do this, was by painting it manually on the texture.
But I always felt this to be kind of a hassle, as these worn edges are often on UV-seams, making it more difficult to paint correctly than anywhere else on the textures.
And it just always seemed to me that this could perfectly be generated procedurally,
as the location and look of a worn edge is more of a technical thing, rather than a design chose.
Like ambient occlusion, you can paint that aswell, but most often you’re better of baking procedural ambient occlusion.

A couple of weeks ago I finally started making something to do this.

I created an editor extension in Unity3D, that allows you to generate worn edges and bake it into a texture.

Here’s an example:

Both the rust/dirt and the worn edges (middle and right) where created by my tool.

My first idea was to make this a tool in Blender, but I’m not familiar with Python, and so I wanted to test some things in Unity first. But before I knew it, I had already created the whole outline of how to make it in Unity in my head.
So I started making it in Unity instead, and to my suprise, the development of it went extremely smooth, everything worked as expected, even the things I had to invent on the spot.

The editor extension and a test object in Unity.

Now the tool does have it’s restrictions (for example: it currently only works on hard/sharp edges), but if you keep these in mind it works great IMO.

I’m planning on putting it on the Unity Asset Store,
I still have to make some documentation and screenshots and stuff, those things tend to take way more time than intended. 😦
But other than that, it’s as good as finished. 🙂


Now available on the Asset Store:

More info:


7 thoughts on “Procedural “Worn Edge”-effect

    • Almost; I submitted it to the Asset Store today, with any luck it will be available before the weekend.
      I’ll make a thread about it when it does, and I’ll post a link to it here.

      You can a watch a demonstration movie here:

      Due to technical problems (corrupt files because of failing harddrives) it had been on hold for a while.

  1. Sorry to hear about your failing harddrives.. count me as another interested party in your Asset Store package, ping us here when it becomes available!

    • Definately, I’ll post it here.
      It should be available already, but Unity’s approval is taking longer than usual (it’s been almost 3 weeks instead of the usual 3 days).
      Which is terrible timing, as I’ll be leaving on vacation in a couple of days, and I don’t want it becomming available when I’m away (as there will be no way for me respond to anyone),
      so I’m thinking of postponing it until I’m back, unfortunately by then it will be near the end of september.

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