Tacx Trainer Software Virtual Reality

I’ve worked for a little over 3 years now on the Virtual Reality part of the Tacx Trainer Software.

The Tacx Trainer Software (TTS) is software for riding training sessions on a Tacx bicycle trainer, for amateur and professional cyclists.
The Virtual Reality (VR) lets you ride in virtual worlds; terrain, slope and wind info is send to the bicycle trainer, for a realistic riding experience.

For the most part I was the only artist. So I pretty much made every level on my own from scratch.
(That includes the level design, placement, lighting, particle systems, …, and creating almost all off the props)

Initially we started development using GameBryo, but halfway through production, we switched over to Unity3D.

Here are some screenshots from various levels:

Downhill Valley, the first level made in Unity. Most of the vegetation was painted on the terrain, rather than placed individually (unlike the Mediteranian level)

Valeggio, half of the Mediteranian/Italy level, the first level I made. Originally made in GameBryo’s Lightspeed.

Metropolitan, Originally started with a (very basic) 3th party city-pack, but only a part of the street layout and basic buildings remain, as most of the textures and UV’s are completely replaced or redone. The smaller props, like the traffic lights, and the entire park were made by me. (Allthough the park also contains a couple of standard Unity3D trees).

While the orginal male and female cyclist models aren’t made by me, I did make almost all the cyclist outfits (shirts+pants, not the glasses, helmets and shoes), and redid the UV-layout to better fit these dozens of outfits, and created the necessary maps for changing the skin and hair color (and for some outfits, the outfit colors).


I also made all the bikes (currently 3 types), which also have customisable colors.

MTB Track Race MTBb Trackb Raceb

More screenshots can be found on Flickr.

For more info on a more recent level (summer 2014), check here.
Golden Circle Level


8 thoughts on “Tacx Trainer Software Virtual Reality

  1. Hey man, this looks awesome! I am doing a vis proj also, and I need a cyclist riding a bike with getting on and riding animation. Do you think you can sell one animated model on the asset store or anywhere else?

    • It wasn’t really my decision, though I don’t regret it (I did at the time though, as it meant porting everything).
      At the time Emergent went bankrupt, and the future of the engine was very uncertain and we were actually waiting for some new feature that were promised. Apparently it still exists though, but I guess they just didn’t want to take the risk.

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  3. Wonderful! Love the city! Looks great! May I ask what pack you used from the store for the buildings? They actually compliment your work very well.

    • Thanks, but I wouldn’t recommend that city pack.
      It was quite expensive (at least for what it was) and it was actually pretty bad IMO, it required a lot of work to make it look decent. It was very rudimentary: only streets and buildings, and the buildings are just rectangular prisms (is that the correct word? I mean stretched cubes), everything has crappy textures and the whole layout is just boring, and the scales wrong and unrealistic. … (I could just go on like that)
      Also, it wasn’t from the Unity Asset store, but from somewhere else, I forgot where and I forgot what it was called.
      I’m sorry I can’t be of any help.

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