Tacx Trainer Software – Level Update

Years ago, I made the graphics for the Tacx Trainer Software Virtual Reality (including tools and shaders).
But after about 8 years, the first levels started to feel a bit outdated, so I got the opportunity to revamp the Mediteranian/Italy levels.

The main restriction was that the road-structure had to remain exactly the same.
But we also didn’t want the levels to suddenly become a lot more demanding (hardware-wise).

I made a lot of new vegetation (grass, plants, trees), and new water-, terrain- and vegetation-shaders among other things.



Improved Terrain UV-mapping

As part of improving these levels, I also created a terrain shader that reduces the vertical UV-stretching that is typical for standard heightmap-based terrains:
(the level itself wasn’t fully finished however, at the time of these screenshots)



SNOWIFY is a tool I created early 2013 that allows the user to generate thick packs of snow on any prop.
For when a simple snow shader isn’t enough.

It started of as a hobby project; I had just had to make a snow level for work (more precisely, a snowed version of an existing level), for which I had created a couple of simple snow shaders (using the angle of the surface normal to determine snowiness).
But when making that level, I found that in some cases it would have looked better if the snow had a volume, rather than being flat.
So afterwards I came up with an idea to create snow meshes based on the mesh of the object it was resting on, and started working on a tool to do that in my spare time.

Since I nowadays work primarily in the Unity3D engine, I made this tool for use in Unity.

houses with snow

The tool allows for complete control over the snow’s thickness, angle, direction, material, smoothness, and various other settings.
The snow meshes are also automatically unwrapped and textured.

jeep with snow

It’s available on the Unity Asset Store.



Snowify was used by Hinterland Studios for the creation of their game “The Long Dark”:
(it’s being listed as one of their favorite packages from the Unity Asset Store)